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Dental braces

Dental bracesBraces are devices used to align or straighten teeth and guide them to the correct position. It consists of wires, brackets, and straps. Clamps help position teeth properly, correct the jaw, and improve the beauty of smiles and chews. Your dentist is the best person to guide you in choosing a dental treatment and method.


The main reason for the fixation of the braces is to improve the appearance of the face. What people don’t know is that there are other effects that require corrective treatment, such as mouth opening, chin structure, bite, etc.

What is puberty?
At this stage, adult or permanent teeth replace deciduous teeth and help appearance, speech, and digestion. At this stage, people may encounter many problems that can be corrected with braces. These issues include:

Crowded / abnormal implants can cause poor oral hygiene and can also be a cause of tooth decay (cavity)

Improper bite affects chewing efficiency

Curved teeth may be the main cause of gum problems such as bleeding gums, bad breath (halitosis), and tooth mobility (early tooth loss)
Irregular teeth can cause calculus deposits and yellow teeth
Anterior/anterior teeth can cause more protruding images and chin-to-chin displacement
Spacing between teeth can cause speech problems
What are the mixed differences?
At this stage, the deciduous and permanent teeth in the oral cavity are mixed together and called the mixed dentition. Wearing a corset at this time solved the following problems:

Jaw growth disorders can be corrected non-surgically at this stage, which may require surgical correction later
Treatment of curved teeth. This problem should be solved as early as possible, otherwise, it will affect the child’s psychology.
When should it be braces?
Everyone is different. Orthodontic treatment can begin at the age of 7. There is no upper limit for the age of the brackets.
If your mouth and teeth are healthy, anyone of any age can wear a hairpin.
There is a different type of orthodontic treatment for all ages.

What types of brakes are there?
These are the most common and traditional types of braces. The metal stand used today is more comfortable and smaller. These rubber bands come in a variety of colors and require wires to be tied to a stand. Electric wires use body heat to make teeth move faster and with less pain. Because patients of these ages can choose to use metal clips to correct their teeth, there is no age limit.

Self-locking metal bracket Dental braces

These are metal brackets with shutters or locking systems that don’t require the flexibility to tie wires. Compared with traditional metal brackets, self-moving metal brackets are more comfortable and smaller. These are useful for achieving arc expansion and reducing extraction requirements.

Traditional ceramic bracket Dental braces

Ceramic arches are transparent arches. They use tooth color and blend naturally with your teeth. The shape and size are the same as the metal bracket.Dental bracesThese are less visible on the teeth, so they may be of aesthetic interest and are therefore popular with older adolescents and adults.

Sometimes even the leads used have tooth color, making them less visible. Being less prominent, it requires greater care and protection than a metal bracket because it is larger and more brittle. They require additional protection, so they are used much less in the upper teeth.

Language brackets

The language arc is a heavy metal arc placed behind the teeth. These metal supports can even be made of silver or gold. Use CAD-CAM / 3D design to customize a single chip. This treatment is very beautiful and unclear. However, this may lead to slight speech difficulties during treatment.

The transparent aligner is a medical grade plastic tray that does not require any poles or wires. They are completely invisible; for adults in need of orthodontic treatment, aesthetic issues are adequately satisfied and extremely attractive. Despite being placed in her body, she does not have any food-related restrictions, and it is thought that their position indoors may be difficult to pronounce; this is a myth. On the other hand, the transparent stand is very comfortable and healthy. Also clear the alignment to hide the existing holes.

Post-bet processing

Brush your floss twice a day to keep your teeth healthy. Healthy teeth respond better to treatment.
Visit the dentist on time for a follow-up examination. Make a note of your appointment and follow the recommendations (if any).
be patient. The duration of treatment may vary depending on the situation. The teeth will take some time to adjust accordingly.
Don’t brake in time
Try to avoid sticky foods such as chewing gum or caramel
If you participate in sports, ask for dental care
Eat low-sugar, carbonated beverages
Brush your teeth after each meal, do not stick food to the tray
See your dentist at each visit

go away

Don’t chew iced food hard
Don’t bite your nails
Do not consume more than one bottle of soda per week
Don’t forget to thread like a boss

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