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Dental Crowns It is a toothed cover that covers the teeth to restore the shape, size, and appearance of the teeth. It can also strengthen the teeth.

If older parts are missing, the crown is the best solution. By applying a crown, the teeth can work normally again.


The crown is used as a protective layer for missing or broken teeth to protect the life of the teeth. Crown needed for:

Protector repair broken teeth caused by accident or trauma
Replace very old teeth for filling
Mask the implant.

Recovered teeth performed Dental Crown

Broken, deformed or tooth cap
In this case, the bridge requires a crown is necessary

In addition, Dental Crown provides strength, shape, and size to your teeth and helps improve the appearance of your teeth Dental Crown

If your dentist advises you to get a crown and you delay the process, it is likely that your teeth will be damaged so that extraction is the last option.

In addition, the inability to obtain the crown of a tooth can cause damage to other adjacent teeth, resulting in damage.

What are the different types of teeth Dental Crown?

Metal crown
If someone is looking for a long-term solution, the metal crown can be omitted. These golden crowns are the most commonly used and have a good relationship with age. They can withstand strong chewing and biting forces. It’s stronger, lasts longer, and doesn’t calm down easily. The only drawback is that it is visible from a distance and is only suitable for molars.

Porcelain fused to metal Dental Crown

If you have aesthetic considerations and also want to include a metal crown, these are the best options. The inner part of the tooth is made of metal and the outer part of the crown is made of porcelain, so it has a double advantage-metal that provides strength, while porcelain matches the color of the teeth, making the teeth look like natural teeth. They look more like natural teeth.

Ceramic crown

If you don’t want to insert metal in your mouth. but want the strength to match a metal crown, a ceramic crown is the best choice.

Not only is it strong, but it blends naturally with the color of your teeth, so it goes unnoticed. He has no aesthetic fear and is the best choice for moving forward, backing up and bridges.

Dental crowns address visible ceramic and metal wear issues. It may not be considered an option for molars, as the force applied during bite can weaken your teeth.

Don’t and don’t do dentistry Dental Crown

Because normal teeth are still under the crown and are susceptible to decay, maintaining good oral hygiene is important, so brushing, rinsing and flossing must be done regularly.

If you want to tighten the teeth, it is recommended to use a tooth protector to protect the crown, which will not wear the teeth.
Crowns can only be obtained by dental professionals trained in dental implants. A bad crown will reduce crown life.

Visit your dentist every 6 months to ensure that your oral cavity gets the best care Dental Crown

Do not use teeth as tools, as this will compress and damage the crown
Don’t bite your nails and chew your pencils
Don’t chew hard ice or candy
Don’t eat sticky food
Do not eat food that is too hot or cold as this may cause an allergic reaction
Myths about Dentistry
Dental crowns carry many myths and few of them:

Crown looks unnatural Dental Crown

There is a misconception that the crown is incompatible with your teeth, giving the impression of a denture. However, with the changes in crown technology, different materials have emerged just like natural teeth. Even metal crowns are a good and viable option because they are used as molars and have never been seen before.

Crown forever
Although crowns are now stronger and live longer, they cannot last a lifetime. It also depends on their level of care. To ensure that they can continue to visit the dentist every 6 months, the dentist will monitor your crown and replace it in time.

Food and Drink Crown Patch Dental Crown

The biggest myth of people. They believe that food and drinks can stain teeth over time, but in reality, the crown is made of porcelain and ceramics that are not easily soiled.

For restorations only
It is believed that a person will not get a crown unless they have broken teeth, undergo root canal treatment, or have broken or broken teeth. But the truth is, it’s a way to improve the appearance and get a whiter, more beautiful smile in cosmetic dentistry.

Crowns won’t crack or chip Dental Crown

Even if ceramics and porcelain are strong materials, if you have a hard time biting something, or if you experience an accident or electric shock, your crown can break.

You cannot use a socket with a crown

Because the crown covers your age, it rots easily. Although the crown is artificial, there is no chance of decay, but the part under the crown will deteriorate. Therefore, teeth and surrounding areas must be kept clean to prevent them

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