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DENTURES are removable devices that replace missing teeth and tissue. They are artificial teeth that make a person’s mouth work.

It is recommended to use full when all teeth are missing, and part should be used if natural teeth are missing.

It is specially made for a set of teeth and gum lines.
Full is suitable for upper, lower and horseshoe teeth. They are traditional that need to be removed overnight for cleaning.

Partial dentures include missing replaceable teeth that attach to an artificial gum attached to a metal frame that helps secure the denture in place.

Missing teeth change the position of other teeth, so help overcome this problem and keep your teeth healthy.


Dentures are made of porcelain and acrylic resin.

Porcelain looks natural and easily match with other teeth. However, if porcelain is dropped, it can easily break down and erode the remaining teeth, so it is best to use full instead of partial.

On the other hand, acrylic resin is lightweight and easy to adjust. They fit snugly and make the chin movement smoother.

What procedures are involved in molar grinding?
The doctor will first analyze your chin impression to analyze their interrelationships and whether there is a distance between them.

Step two

Then prepare wax models for correct verification.

third step
A final denture made from a wax model

Step 4
The patient is ready to try the last set of dentures and adjust if necessary

How do you care for your teeth?
Because these things are artificial and mobile, it’s important to treat them carefully. If you want longer dentures,

consider the following tips:


Always keep dentures clean, so you need to use a non-abrasive brush at least once a day. Although artificial, plaque and bacteria can accumulate on the teeth, damaging other teeth and gums. If possible, remove the after each meal and wash them with warm water, but if you have completed, you need to brush your teeth.

Overnight protection

Soak your teeth in water or a dental solution specified by your dentist at night. To prevent your from being damaged, avoid using chlorine. Be sure to rinse with water when applying in the morning as this will help remove chemicals during the soaking process.

Look at your
Monitor your from time to time, and if they are frightening, changing or the bite changes, see your dentist. Incorrect can cause irritation.

Don’t do it, don’t give an uptime

Immerse in water or solution provided by the dentist overnight
Flush before using them in the morning
Brush your teeth daily with soft toothpaste as determined by your dentist
She takes care of the mouth, gums, and tongue
go away
Don’t try to bite hard food with
Do not wear during cleaning
Do not use toothpicks or sharp objects on
Do not drop it as it is sensitive and may be damaged if you do so
If you are addicted, do not try to repair it yourself, see a dentist

Myths about teeth

Wearing dentures is difficult to eat-there are no restrictions on which foods to eat. Initially, it is recommended that you eat a certain type of diet, but over time you will be able to eat anything you want, but precautions must be taken.
Lifetime Solution-Dentures may not last long without proper attention. Also, over a period of time, it may begin to corrode, reducing its natural appearance and chewing ability.
People may know if someone is wearing dentures-the days of highlighting are over. The materials used to make the denture make it impossible to guess that you are wearing a denture. However, if they notice, it is recommended to see a dentist.
You Don’t Need Proper Care-Although to work just like your real teeth, it’s extremely

important to take care of your teeth

It fixes itself-no one can experience it. If you feel that your denture is no longer suitable for their use, do not try to repair it yourself, as this may cause greater damage to the denture.
No other visit to the dentist-oral health includes not only your teeth but also your gums, tongue, and tissue. Regular visits to the dentist will ensure that everything is taken care of. In addition, he/she can check and can advise you if you need to replace them.
FAQ Q.1. Why is it important to remove at night?
This is because the gums and tissues that support the need time to rest and recover when they come into contact with saliva. Therefore, this is considered the healthiest thing.

Q.2. Can one denture sleep?

Although there are no risks, it is recommended to remove it before going to bed, as this will be considered a healthy choice.

Q.3. Will dentures hurt?

Because you are not used to implanting artificial objects in your mouth, you may be frustrated at first. Patients and will be examined within the first 24-48 hours to assess and treat areas of discomfort accordingly.

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