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What is Filling

What is FillingFilling is a method of restoring teeth damaged by tooth decay to their normal function and shape. When the dentist fills you, remove the damaged dental material, clean the affected area, and then fill the cleaned cavity with the filling material.

By closing off the spaces where bacteria can enter, the filler also helps prevent further breakdown. Materials used for filling include gold, porcelain, composite resins (tooth-filled fillings) and amalgam (alloys of mercury, silver, copper, tin, and zinc).

Which filler is best?

No filler is suitable for everyone. If you are allergic to some materials, need to fill your mouth and the cost, then the scope of repair determines your correct choice. Considerations for different materials include:

The gold filling is custom-made in the laboratory and then fixed in place

The gingival tissue is well tolerated by gold inlays and can be used for more than 20 years. For these reasons, many authorities consider gold to be the best filling material. However, it is usually the most expensive option and requires multiple visits.

Amalgam fillings (silver) are abrasion resistant and relatively inexpensive. However, due to their deep color, they are more eye-catching than porcelain or composite restorations and are generally not used in highly visible areas, such as the front teeth.

Composite (plastic) resin has the same color as your teeth, so it can be used where a natural look is required. The ingredients are mixed and placed directly into the cavity to harden it. These compounds may not be suitable for large fillers because they may split or wear over time. They can also be soiled by coffee, tea, or tobacco and have a lifespan that is less than other types of fillings, usually three to ten years.

Porcelain fillings, called inlays or inlays, are custom-made in the laboratory and then adhere to the teeth. They can be combined with the color of the teeth and resist stains. Porcelain restorations usually cover most of the teeth. Its cost is similar to gold.

If tooth decay or a fracture destroys most of the tooth, a crown or crown is recommended

Caries that reach the nerve can be treated in two ways: by root canal treatment (removing damaged nerves from the nerve) or by a surgery called vancomycin (to try to keep the nerve alive).

What happens after filling up?

If your dentist decides to fill the cavity, it will first remove the cavity and clean the affected area. The cleaned cavity will be filled with any of these materials.

How do I know if I need padding?

Only your dentist can detect if you have a cavity that needs to be filled. During the examination, your dentist will use a small mirror to examine the surface of each tooth.

Everything that looks abnormal will be verified by special equipment. Your dentist can also X-ray your entire mouth or part of your mouth. The treatment chosen by your dentist will depend on the extent of the damage caused by tooth decay.


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